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Sperzel Locking Tuners are Reversible

I thought most people knew about this!

This is a common question and one that has been asked a lot of late; do we stock left-handed, or “treble side” sets of Sperzel tuners? The answer is yes but you won’t find them listed on our website. And the reason you won’t find them is because Sperzel Tuners are reversible.

They will usually come in either 6 In Line right handed/”bass side” or 3+3 sets which you can configure to any setup you like.

It can be a little fiddly to do, and sometimes the post struggles to come out past the gear, but the process itself is simple and really takes no time at all.

Apologies for some parts being out of shot. There will be a a follow up to this post with a better video!

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