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Babicz FCH

Babicz Full Contact Hardware are a manufacturer of guitar and bass bridges, parts & accessories. They produce two distinct lines of parts; the Original Series and the Z-Series. Both series of hardware includes a full range of bass bridges, guitar hardtails, tremolo/vibrato units and tailpieces for many makes and models. The Full Contact Hardware Original and Z-Series models are unique because of the use of their eCAM saddle technology. The patented encapsulated design drastically improves sustain and tone, as a result of eliminating any gaps or voids between the bottom of the saddles and the body of the guitar. “With electric guitar and bass bridges it’s all about tone…how to get more tone, more stability, more sustain and finer adjustments without adding weight. This is really what Full Contact Hardware is all about.” – Jeff Babicz, Babicz Guitars & Babicz Full Contact Hardware

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