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By helping icons like Hendrix, Entwistle and Geddy Lee create their sound, Rotosound have become synonymous with the British Tone.

For fifty years, Rotosound have been creating, designing and manufacturing quality strings in the UK using only the best materials. Each string is physically and visually inspected at every stage of the manufacturing process to get maximum consistency. This ensures that each string is unrivalled in tone, tuning stability and durability.

Their strings have been used on some of the most amazing albums recorded by some of the best artists in the business.

These include; Duff McKagan (Guns n’ Roses), Billy Sheehan (Mr Big), Steve Harris (Iron Maiden) and Roger Waters (Pink Floyd).

Rotosound are also the choice of strings for many of the world’s most successful contemporary bands. These include bands such as The 1975, Rival Sons and Florence & The Machine.

Rotosound strings have played a large part in the history of rock music and they draw on that rich legacy to continue being a major influence for decades to come.


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