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Rotosound STD Teardrop Celluloid Plectrums have been discontinued

Rotosound have discontinued their STD line of plectrums. These were a great alternative for the Gibson Teardrop which were also discontinued some time ago.

So, the problem is now, what’s the next best alternative? To keep the bright sound, you’ll need another celluloid-made pick. Ozark have a few lines and the TUSQ picks are meant to have similar properties. The Dunlop Tortex Teardrop Picks are an option but they won’t quite be the same.

You could always order the celluloids from the original manufacturer, Wilmington Fibre, but you’ll have to commit yourself to a good few hundred!

I did receive a small amount of the remaining STD packs of picks. I even picked up some of the thicker .96 and 1.22 plectrums. You can grab those packs HERE (if we have any left, of course)

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