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Hipshot Tulip Guitar Buttons

The general feeling is that Hipshot Classic or Locking Tuners are “modern” style machine heads. They are usually fitted to new builds, custom guitars, as upgrades; especially the Grip-Lock Tuners. But there are always those who want to keep the vintage vibe of their electric guitar, be it an older model or reissue, but still have all of the perks of modern tech.

Take Ashley, for example, from my last blog post – he wanted to use a set of quality, new Grover tuners with his Les Paul and opted to fit a set of Tulip shaped, vintage buttons rather than the large Half Moon buttons that came with them. And they really did look the part!

And Ashley isn’t alone. On the Hipshot website, there is a review from one customer who wanted exactly the same thing:

“What the world needs, or at least Hipshot locking tuners, is a button to match Gibson “tulip” tuners as used on 335s, Les Pauls, and some customer shop guitars like the Johnny A model. I’d love to have locking tuners on my Gibsons, but don’t was that particular aesthetic to change.” – Eddie O, Hipshot Customer

Thankfully, being the company that they are, Hipshot listened and now produce the Hipshot D04, a tulip shaped guitar button.

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