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Hipshot Directrofits DO NOT replace Squier tuners

The Hipshot Fender Directrofit guitar machine heads do exactly what they say on the tin: replace Fender machine heads. They DO NOT replace Squier tuners.

Squiers fitted with tuners without a mounting screw will likely use the same 2-pin mounting configuration as their Fender counterparts. However, this does not mean they are the same part! In fact, they aren’t even close. As shown below, the Squier’s use a Schaller M6 style machine head which has very different dimensions to the Directrofit.

Hipshot Directrofit and Fender Squier Machine Heads

Hipshot Directrofit (left) & Squier Machine Head (right)

This particular example is from a Squier Master Series Esprit. It’s an odd one in itself with its 3 by 3 headstock – uncommon for Fender type electric guitars. What’s most interesting to me is the complete difference in the two finishes; the Directrofit’s Satin finish is much brighter than the Squier Esprit’s.

So which is the best replacement? Any of the Schaller M6, Locking or Classic, 2-pin machine heads will drop straight in.

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