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Grainger Hardtail Guitar Bridge - The British Alternative to the Hipshot Fixed Bridge

Everyone uses the Hipshot Fixed Bridge. I mean EVERYONE! I guarantee that most custom guitar builders have used the Hipshot bridge on at least one of their builds. And it is definitely the first choice for many people replacing or upgrading their bridge. So how about something a bit different? Something very few people are using. Something British, perhaps?

The Grainger Hardtail Guitar Bridge is pretty much the British version of the Hipshot Fixed Bridge. Both bridges share similar dimensions and are made of solid brass, except for the Hipshot which has stainless steel saddles.

So it begs the question; why would you choose Grainger Guitar Parts? The fantastic thing about the Grainger Hardtail is that it really is designed AND manufactured in the United Kingdom! For just an extra tenner, you can have a quality, British made guitar bridge!

Here are their technical drawings for your to compare:

An added bonus, the Grainger Hardtail is also top-loading!

You can find both the Grainger Guitar Parts Hardtail and Hipshot Hardtail bridges HERE

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