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The Gibson Teardrop Plectrum

I was devastated to learn that Gibson’s teardrop plectrum was no longer in production. I’d been using the Medium gauge of this pick for over 20 years!

I initially resorted to filing-down the larger Gibson picks. However, I couldn’t get the edge smooth enough. So, I went on the hunt for a replacement.

Teardrop Plectrum Materials

Nylon and Tortex picks don’t give the attack and brightness I like and I find them “sticky” to play with. Duralin/Acetyl/Delrin picks are a close second. However, I still found that a celluloid plectrum suited me best (haven’t tried a TUSQ pick yet, so will report back when I have!).

The Peavey medium teardrop was good, but I believe that the company has likewise ceased to produce these.

After some considerable trial and error, my new favourites are:

The latter, in my opinion, is virtually indiscernible from the now defunct Gibson pick – happy days!

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