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The Bigsby Vibrato was one of the first successful designs of its kind. Although technically the correct term is Vibrato, you will likely know these tailpieces as either whammy bars or tremolos. The Bigsby vibrato is a simple design; the guitar strings are wrapped around a steel bar which is controlled by a spring loaded arm. Press the arm down to loosen the strings and lower the tone and pull the arm gently up to tighten the strings and raise the pitch. In the neutral/unused position, the Bigsby's spring counterbalances the pull of the guitar strings. This makes sure there is constant pitch when playing the guitar. The Bigsby vibrato still comes factory fitted to many electric guitars. You can also fit a Bigsby to any guitar of choice - there will be a unit to fit your instrument amongst their extensive range of models. "I can build anything" - Paul Bigsby

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