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Zero-Mod - Thumb Rest for Rickenbackers

I had the pleasure of meeting a number of customers at the Guitar Show last month one of them being Paul. He recently purchased a Hipshot BT5 Xtender for one of his many Rickenbacker bass guitars. If I remember correctly, I think he owns 4 or 5 genuine Rickys and a number of copies. As you’d expect, we got chatting about his collection, all the work he had done on them, the Xtender, etc. One really interesting thing that he mentioned was that he owns a special thumb rest(s) for his basses. I had jotted down the part’s name but that piece of paper has since disappeared. I couldn’t for the life of me remember what the part was called! Well, I did some searching (took me all of 5 minutes) and I’ve found it – Zero-Mod Product’s Ric Rest

“If you are a fingerstyle player with a Rickenbacker 4001 or 4003, you know there is no really good place to “hang your thumb”. You see many Rics with a wear spot at the corner of the pickguard, where players try to “dig in”, and many Rics with the chrome cover removed from the bridge pickup to allow finger style access. I designed this for my own 4003 as I wanted to make it more comfortable to play and keep the “cover on” as the classic look that is a big part of this bass for many Ric fans.” – Zero-Mod Products

Zero-Mod – Ric Rest

The Ric Rests are made from a 1/4 inch thick piece of polycarbonate and are precision CNC machined in the USA. What’s fantastic about the Ric Rest is that it needs zero modifications to your bass (hence the name) to fit it; It simply uses the pick guard screw holes just above the neck pickup. The Ric Rest retails for $26 plus $12 shipping , so about £29.50 for UK customers – pretty reasonable, I’d say.

Check out their full product video below which explains everything! (How good does that fretless sound?!)

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