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Will a B Bender fit on an American Ultra Telecaster?

The American Ultra actually lends itself well to fitting a Hipshot B-Bender. Like the American Elite, the Ultra’s predecessor, the Telecaster model uses a bridge with offset intonation screws. These saddles are perfect for the Hipshot B Bender; they allow the string to pass in a straight line from machine heads through to the hip lever.

The problem is that there are no top-loading holes in the bridge plate – odd for a bridge with offset intonation screws. To fit the B Bender, a hole will need to be drilled next to the screw for the string to pass through

One thing to watch out for is the saddles. A top-loading bridge will have small channels cut into underneath of the saddles, It’s likely the Ultra’s saddles will be one large block leaving very little room for the string and tubing.

So, in short, the answer is “yes you can”. However the real question is how many modifications you are willing to make to your brand new instrument. Too much work will often, and understandably, put people off from fitting the B Benders.

To avoid the need for drilling, you could look at replacing the bridge. Hipshot do a drop-in, B Bender ready replacement for 3-screw mounting bridges. However, after already forking out £1700 and £139 for the guitar and b-bender respectively, I imagine you won’t particularly like the idea of parting with even more cash.

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