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Top 5: Stratocaster Upgrades

Our TOP 5 list of Stratocaster upgrades….

Locking Tuners

Better tuning stability, more accurate tuning, quick and easy string changes – a set of locking tuners can go a long way in improving your Strat.

Hipshot Grip-Lock Tuners are the best value for money. Their Open Gear tuners have a higher 18:1 gear ratio and look great on any Stratocaster. Make sure to pick a Staggered set (19mm, 20mm, 21mm) for the best setup.

String Tree

If your Staggered set of locking tuners don’t allow you to get rid of it, a String Tree is an unfortunate necessity for your Strat. The flat headstock design just doesn’t provide enough of a break-angle over the nut.

Upgrade your Strat’s vintage string tree to a Roller String Tree. The roller arms allow the string to pass freely back and forth under the tree, improving your tuning stability. These are a must for any guitar with a Tremolo.

You can read more about the importance of Break-Angle HERE

Zero Fret

Further alleviate stress and strain on the string with a zero fret nut. The Zero Glide design improves upon the original zero fret concept and completely replaces your existing nut.

Introducing a fret at the nut as the main point of contact both improves your tuning stability and playability whilst matching the string’s open note to a fretted note.


If you own an American Strat, this may not be so much of an issue. However, lower end guitars may not have the greatest of electronics. Swapping out the pots and switches is a much cheaper option to changing the pickups, and often any issues with noise are not caused by the pickups anyway. Squier for example come with Duncan Design pickups which are perfectly acceptable.

CTS pots, CRL Switches, Gavitt Wire are the best in the business.

Strat wiring diagrams are available HERE


The Tremol-No is a fantastic addition to any Strat with a tremolo. This device allow you to turn your tremolo unit “on” or “off”.

On – you can raise or lower the pitch of the note with the tremolo.

Off – the tremolo unit doesn’t move at all; no lowering or raising of the note pitch via the tremolo system.

In short, the Tremol-No allows you to switch between a tremolo and a hardtail setup for your Strat. Simple to install and easy to use.

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