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Top 5: Hi-Mass Bass Bridge Upgrades for Fender

There are three things you want from any Hi-Mass Bass Bridge: function, form, and affordability.

All five bridges on this list meet this criteria to varying degrees. Form, they all meet, as they are all Hi-Mass bridges and although they all are slightly different designs, we think they look great. Function differs between each; some have more more and better adjustability than others, but the ability to retrofit any Fender is what they all share. Affordability however depends on the design, function and materials used, but the price of each bridge matches their offering.

So here’s our list of the Top 5 Hi-Mass Bass Bridge Upgrades/Replacements for Fender…

Hipshot A-Style, Fender Mount Bass Bridge

The A-style saddles alone are worth the cost of this upgrade. Their compact design is sturdy and secure whilst easily adjustable – You can really dial in a great setup with these.

Hipshot offer this bridge in two different configurations: FM1 or FM2.

  • FM1 – Fender 5-hole, Top-loading
  • FM2 – Fender 3-hole, String-through or Top-loading

Available in solid aluminium or brass, depending on your preference.

An excellent, all-round Hi-Mass bridge.

Babicz FCH Original Series, 4-String Bass Bridge

Once you get your head around the eCAM saddles, this hi-mass bass bridge becomes a fantastic choice as an upgrade.

The “Full Contact” design of the bridge increases transfer of sound through the saddles and bridge into the body therefore producing greater sustain. The difference is apparent as soon as the bridge is fitted and strung, even acoustically!

For string-through Fenders, you’ll want to look at the FCH AM Bridge.

Leo Quan Badass II Bridge

The Original, Fender Hi-Mass bass bridge. Leo Quan’s BadAss bridge is a classic.

Adjustable, weightier, better clarity, more attack and sustain.

Of course, it’s 5-hole configuration makes it a drop-in replacement for many Fender Precision and Jazz basses.

The Badass III fits string-through Fender basses.

Hipshot KickAss Bridge

Hipshot make our list again with their KickAss bridge. This is their tribute to the Badass bridge (a copy, if you like) and shares many of the same qualities.

“We worked hard to ensure that the KickAss™ possesses the soul of the beloved original while also being so much more.” – Hipshot

The KickAss comes fitted with small brass saddle inserts, offering a slightly weightier tone, which are adjustable side-to-side to meet your desired string spacing.

Fits the top-loading, 5-hole mounting configuration but unfortunately there isn’t a 3-hole, string-through option available.

Gotoh 201B Bass Bridge

The 201B is the most affordable on this list but that doesn’t make it a poor choice of replacement. In fact, it’s included because of it’s qualities as well as its price.

The baseplate is die-cast Zinc, which is where the saving is made, but the saddles are solid brass. Couple that with the overall mass of the bridge, and you end up with a bridge that adds real punch to your tone compared to the stock Fender bridge.

It’s a 5-hole configuration which will suit most Fender basses. No string-through option, unfortunately.

Top 5: Hi-Mass Bass Bridges for Fender

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