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Top 5: Christmas Gifts for Guitarists

Anyone who is a non-guitarist will understandably find it hard to buy Christmas gifts for guitarists.

You could reach for the novelty gifts – plectrum cutters, mini-amplifiers, a ukulele, etc – which are great fun but don’t quite hit the spot for the enthusiast. (I’ve lost count of how many pencil drumsticks I’ve received over the years.)

Below is a useful list of parts and accessories that are universal for all guitar makes and models, and require next-to-no investigation or know-how from the gift giver.

Here’s our Top 5 Christmas Gifts for Guitarists…

Guitar Maintenance Kit

Every guitarist will work on their guitar, whether that’s a string change, setup, or fitting new parts. Though you can use many household tools, it’s better to have guitar-specific tools for the job.

Cruztools supply a bunch of guitar maintenance and repair tools. And the great thing is, their kits are useful for any guitar.

Hipshot Locking Tuners

Locking tuners are great upgrade for any electric guitar, but it can be tricky determining which set will fit any one guitar.

Hipshot make it simple with their Universal Mounting Plates (UMP) which allows their tuners to be fitted to any electric or acoustic guitar.

All you need to know is where the guitar has a 3+3 or 6-in-line headstock. If the guitar matches one of the two photos below, you know which to go for, you only need to pick a colour.

You read more about the benefits of locking tuners HERE

A Fresh Set of Strings

Give a guitarist the gift of strings this Christmas.

Strapped for cash (as we musicians usually are) a handful of sets of guitar strings could be exactly what they need.

However, strings are a very personal choice, and you may want to stick with the brand and size they currently use.

Just find a packet hanging around and go with those.

You can shop our range of strings HERE

A Wiring Kit

An electronics upgrade can do wonders to a guitar’s sound. These kits come with quality components and include everything a guitarist needs to install it.

All you need is to know what the name of the guitar is (Fender Stratocaster, Fender Telecaster, Gibson Les Paul, PRS 22, etc) – You will find its name and model written on the headstock.

All our Wiring Kits can be found HERE

A Christmas Gift Card

Sometimes it’s easier just to let them decide.

It’s why we have available Digital Gift Cards in various amounts to buy.

Top 5 Christmas Gifts for Guitarists

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