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Sire Marcus Miller M2 Replacement Bridge Options

The stock bridge thats come on the Sire Marcus Miller M2 bass isn’t a bad piece of hardware; it’s a solid steel bridge with a matte black finish and silver, barrel style saddles. However, many M2 owners feel that it is the one thing that lets the bass down. But there’s a problem; there just isn’t a direct replacement out there.

The mounting screws measure (from the centre of the screw heads) 76mm x 38mm (3″ x 1.5″) and I can’t find a single bridge available with those exact measurements. (If you manage to source one, please let me know!) The Hipshot KickAss comes close – the two furthest mounting holes are just a fraction out – but not close enough.

With no direct replacement available, you effectively have the choice of any bridge on the market providing it is of a similar specification. You’ll need to drill new mounting holes but this isn’t necessarily an issue providing that the old holes are well out of the way of the new ones and that they are covered by the bridge plate. A great option for the Marcus Miller M2 would be the Hipshot A Style Bridge; a high-mass bridge that matches the 20mm (.787″) string spacing and can be setup as string-through. The Schaller 3D, albeit top-loading, is another option to consider. It has roller saddles which allows you to set individual string spacings from 14.5mm all the way up to 24.5mm.

If you’re happy with the tighter 19mm spacing, you’ll have plenty of options. I suggest looking through our full range of bass bridges to see what could work for your M2.

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