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Schaller saddles change from Brass to Titanium

We published our Schaller GTM listing all the way back in 2019, around the time we first started carrying the brand in our store. Of course, much has changed in the years since then, including the materials they use for these bridges.

At the time, Schaller were supplying these tune-o-matic bridges with brass saddles, with the rest of the part made of die-cast zinc. Now they come with Titanium saddles; a material with very different tonal properties.

Brass is useful for adding weight to the guitar tone, accentuating the lower-mids. Titanium is much like Steel in that is adds more brightness, more snap to your tone.

Having brass I feel was the better option, not because of a preference for its character but because so few tune-o-matic replacements come with brass saddles out of the box. Most replacements at this price point come with Zinc saddles or similar.

If however it is brass saddles you’d like, I highly recommend the ABM 2504 tune-o-matic. Like the 2400, it’s made of solid brass and a quality piece of hardware; more expensive than the Schaller (almost double the price) but certainly value for money.

How does the GTM compare to other tune-o-matic upgrades? You can find out which make our list of TOP 5 Tune-O-Matic Upgrades HERE

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