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Check out this customer's modified Jim Root Telecaster

Rod recently picked up a set of Hipshot Industrial buttons for his Jim Root Telecaster. Turns out, this is not the only modification he has made to this Fender guitar…

Here’s a breakdown of all the new parts fitted, starting from the headstock down:

Hipshot Locking Tuners (Closed, Black) replace the stock Fender machine heads. The original tuners could not handle the ‘drop-C’ tuning with a 60 gauge guitar string. (Read more about the max string gauge Hipshot tuners can take HERE)

The set of Hipshot SK1 buttons will replace the hex buttons for a more minimalist look.

A change of nut to a Graphtech Black TUSQ XL.

You might also notice a Vibration Dampener from Tesla Pickups, wrapped around the strings just past the nut. These are great for removing unwanted noise between the nut and machine heads.

Gone are the original 81 and 60 EMG pickups. In their place is a WARPIG at the bridge and a JUGGERNAUT at the neck. These are both Bare Knuckles, of course, with added custom etched bullet hole covers.

The volume pot has also been removed. A white, plastic insert covers the hole.

A Hipshot Fixed Bridge replaces the stock, Strat style bridge.

Follow Rod on Instagram for all of his guitar related projects @themindboggler.

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