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Material Matters - Jescar Fretwire Types

The recent introduction of Jescar fretwire to our catalogue has brought up a few questions regarding the materials on offer. I thought I’d briefly summarise the types and possible pros/cons of each.

There are 3 available:

  • Nickel/Silver
  • Stainless Steel
  • EVOgold

Their 18% Nickel/Silver is your “traditional” fretwire, the quality of which compares to, if not exceeds, other brands such as Dunlop, Hosco, etc. It’s smooth and incredibly easy to work with; you can’t go wrong.

Stainless Steel, as the name suggests, is an extremely hard, durable fret wire with plenty of brightness and snap. Great to play, not so much to install – Specialist tools required!

The EVOgold is an exclusive to Jescar. Not as “bling” as the name suggests; in certain lights, it’s almost bronze in colour rather than Gold. As durable as Stainless and almost as easy to work with as NiS. Ideal for those with a nickel allergy. If you can work with or look past the colour (and the price!), it’s a great choice.

You can shop the full range of Jescar fretwire HERE

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