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Luthier Supplies in the UK?

If I said “luthier tools” to you, what would be the first place you would think of buying them from? I’ll give you a second…. It’s StewMac isn’t it? I bet you can’t think of anyone else either. It makes sense – StewMac US are the biggest place for luthier supplies, their product range is huge and their service is fantastic. The problem is that, and as UK customers you and I will know, ordering from the US can become expensive. Not only will we have the international shipping (StewMac are actually very reasonable) we will also be charged VAT AND Duty! Great! Not.

Unfortunately, there isn’t much choice. As this thread suggests, there does seem to be a lack of UK based, quality suppliers of luthier tools (Crimson guitars however do some very nice stuff!) so StewMac are your only option. Well, I’m trying to do something about that.

One of my goals/aims is to really improve upon our range of luthier supplies. BTN Music UK does specialise in guitar parts, especially hardware, but of course it’s important that we have available tools to fit the products we offer. And to be honest, it’s something that at times I’ve completely neglected. But not anymore! I’m really pushing to increase the range of tools we offer; everything to help you builder, repair or maintain your acoustic or electric guitar. Hosco are the main brand that we are stocking – they offer a fantastic range of quality luthier tools which should cover most jobs. I’ll keep adding to the range as we go along, little by little. We certainly won’t be the next StewMac but the plan is to get our luthier tools range up to a point that when you need tools we’ll have at least a couple of options available.

You can have a look through our current range of Luthier Tools HERE

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