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Ibanez AF155 has a Zero Glide Nut, Roller Bridge and Vibrato Tailpiece fitted

We recently had this beautiful Ibanez AF155 electric guitar come in store for some work. (How nice is that sunburst finish?!)

The owner wanted some new guitar parts fitted; a Zero Glide Nut, a new ART-W style roller bridge and an Ibanez vibrato all fitted. The bridge & tailpiece were already provided and just needed to be fitted. The vibrato needed just a few new holes drilled for the mounting screws.

The zero fret however was a little bit more work as none of the Zero Glides were a direct fit. The ZS-5 had the correct spacing but had the wrong profile. The ZS-1 had the right radius but didn’t have the correct string spacing and was far too thick. In the end, we had to go for a ZB-2. The ZB models are all “blank” versions which meant slotting the nut with the correct spacing. Being much larger than the original nut, it also require a fair amount of sanding to get down to the right size.

A new set of strings and a setup; the guitar was good to go. We even posted it back to him.

Ibanez AF155

Ibanez AF155 with new Zero Glide Nut, roller bridge and vibrato tailpiece

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