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Hipshot US & Licensed Ultralite Bushing Sizes

There’s a small amount of confusion about the US and Licensed Ultralite bushing sizes. I just want to clear up which sized bushings are supplied with each version

Both 3/8″ sized versions of these machine heads have a 14mm (9/16″) bushing – pretty simple there. It’s the 1/2″ tuners however where the confusion lies. The US version comes with a 17mm (11/16″) bushing whereas the Licensed has a 16mm (41/64″). Why? – It’s likely to do with where the two versions are manufactured.

Now, there are couple of options if you need a different sized bushing for your bass. The US Ultralites have the option of a tighter 16mm or wider 18mm bushing depending on your requirements. Hipshot have a special adapter bushing for their licensed machine heads which only comes in one size; it has an inside diameter of 16mm and an outsize diameter of 18mm.

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