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Guitar Lemon Oil - A Strange Review

I sell a lot of Lemon Oil. And I mean A LOT! A good amount of those sales come via Amazon in their Home Care & Cleaning category. You see, I don’t just advertise it as a guitar fretboard cleaner, I also sell it as a household cleaner (its intended purpose).

Selling on Amazon is great. They obviously get a lot of traffic through their website (lots of sales!). A perk to selling on Amazon is their product review section on each listing. Sure, it isn’t perfect but it is a great way to build a product’s reputation. There have been plenty of reviews about Parker & Bailey’s Lemon Oil which have mostly been positive. There are few 4 star ratings and couple of 1 and 2 stars from before we started selling the product. They are almost always the usually comments we get about the Lemon Oil; “great product”, “works well”, etc. But this review, left by a customer on the 1st of October, is by far the most bizarre review I’ve ever seen…

Polish the knob for a better life:

“I discovered this has enhanced my life considerably. I use it on my knob and it leaves it looking clean and shiny without making it too slippery to the touch. My wife says it smells nice and fresh also and is happy to touch it more where before she said it felt a bit ‘grubby’. I recommend it to all my mates now!” – Andrew Thompson, Amazon Customer

And what makes it even more hilarious is that 2 people found this review helpful!

Regardless of the odd content, thank you Andrew for your review. I always appreciate customers taking the time to leave reviews/feedback about our service and the products they purchased.

You can buy Parker & Bailey’s Guitar Lemon Oil HERE

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