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Gamechanger Audio Plus Pedal

The Gamechanger Audio PLUS Pedal will probably become a staple in most guitarists’ setups.

What does it do?

You can operate the PLUS pedal in various modes. The “Single” mode combined with the “Mix” function will probably be used the most. The description below assumes these settings.

When you depress the pedal a snapshot is taken of whatever you are playing at the time. For as long as the pedal remains depressed, the snapshot will then be sustained. The “Sustain” control sets the characteristics of the sustained note/chord. These can be changed from static replication to a gentle decaying of the upper frequencies.

The “Rise” control sets the speed at which the sustained chord/note begins after you press the pedal.

The “Tail” control sets the speed at which the sustained note dies-away after you release the pedal.

Whilst the snapshot is being sustained you can continue to play over the top of this. Use the “Blend” dial to control the volume of the sustained sound relative to that of your live sound.

A partial release of the pedal to the half-way position will muffle somewhat the sustained note/chord and reduce its volume.

The PLUS Pedal in use

Because the pedal captures the output from your guitar at the exact point that the pedal is depressed, the sustained sound will be greatly affected by the speed at which you depress the pedal after striking the strings.

Pressing the pedal very quickly will capture all the attack of the picked/plucked chord/note and produce a harsher sustained sound whereas by delaying you capture a softer sound.

Clearly, the pedal will need to be “to hand” in any live performance – here it is in pride-of-place on my pedalboard.

Gamechanger Audio PLUS Pedal

The possibilities are endless!

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