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Choosing the right Telecaster String Tree

Your guide to finding the right Telecaster String Tree…

The Traditional String Guide

This “wavy” style of string tree is pretty common and does the job. However, the design can be harsh on your strings, especially if you set the guide very low – the arms can be sharp, cutting into your string.

I’d be fairly certain in saying that you’re reading this post because you want to change from this type of string tree. If it’s a direct replacement you are looking for, you can find them HERE.

Fender American Standard String Tree

As the name suggests, this string tree is found on many of Fender’s American Strats and Teles. It’s often mistaken for a roller string tree, but actually has fixed wings which are rounded for smooth contact on the string.

It’s a great option and drops straight in for your existing tree. It is available HERE.

Allparts Roller String Tree

Roller String Trees would be ideal for any guitar with a lot of string movement. Tremolos, Vibrato Tailpieces, string-bending, etc all pull and stretch the string under a string tree.

They make a great addition to a Telecaster, especially for guitarists with a heavier playing style or often bend their strings.

Graphtech TUSQ XL String Trees

The synthetic TUSQ material has a lot of positive tonal qualities (how much of an effect it has past the nut is up for debate) but it is its lubrication that makes the most impact on your guitars.

TUSQ XL is impregnated with a material called PTFE (don’t ask us what that means) therefore making these trees super slippery! Like the Roller String Tree, it reduces friction under the tree arms whilst also reducing the possibility of strings breaking.

You can read about why your guitar has a string tree HERE

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