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Top 5: Tune-O-Matic Bridge Upgrades

Here is our list of the best Tune-O-Matic Bridge Upgrades available….

Bang for your Buck! – Gotoh’s GE103B

Straight-ahead, no frills, drop-in replacement for your current tune-o-matic guitar bridge. Cheaper than many of the alternatives on the market but at no lesser quality – definite value for money.

  • The GE103B replaces the Nashville type bridge (wider spacing, thicker bridge, thin posts).
  • The GE103b-T is the Metric replacement with M8 posts.
  • For ABR-1 style bridges, you’ll want to go for the GE104B.

The Roller Tune-O-Matic – Schaller’s STM Guitar Bridge

If you have a vibrato tailpiece (a Bigsby, Vibrola, or similar) then you need one of these!

Guitar strings will often snag and stretch as they pass back and forth over the saddle. Correctly seating the string (slotting the saddle) will help, but it only goes so far – a roller saddle allows the string to move freely.

Although not a direct replacement for many guitars, the Schaller is by far the best value and (to us) the best looking roller bridge on the market.

Best for ABR-1 – TonePros AVR2

ABR-1 style bridges can be difficult to replace. There simply aren’t that many bridges available that would be considered an “upgrade”.

The AVR2 however is one of the better options and most definitely an upgrade in our eyes!

It has a greater intonation range, solid saddle and body construction resulting in zero rattling. These small improvements whilst maintaining the original design and feel of the ABR-1 bridge makes the AVR2 an all-round great bridge!

Graphtech String Saver Saddles

Not a replacement bridge, but an upgrade nonetheless.

The String Saver saddle sets do exactly as the name suggests: greatly reduce string breakage, whilst also improving resonance. They use PTFE – a super-slippery substance – to reduce the grip of the saddle on the string, easing tension and strain.

Babicz Original Series Tune-O-Matic

While this bridge may not be the most affordable on our list, it definitely is the most impressive!

Babicz are all about “Full Contact” – these bridges come loaded with their eCAM Saddles which are designed to maximise contact between the string and the saddle.

Also included are a set of shims to fit on the underside of the bridge, helping transfer sound through the bridge and into the body.

You can find out more about the eCAM Saddle technology HERE.

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